Set 8

我不喜欢吃咸的,我喜欢吃甜的。I don't like eating savoury food, but I like eating sweet food Play Media
哪个颜色好, 绿色还是黄色?Which colour is better, the green one or the yellow one?. Play Media
鸡肉很好吃,也很便宜,但是猪肉不好吃。Chcken is nice to eat and cheaper, but pork isn't nice. Play Media
明天是星期天,我在家里休息。Tomorrow is Sunday, I'm having a rest at home. Play Media
明天我打算跟我男朋友一起看电影。I'm going to see a film with my boyfriend tomorrow. Play Media
今天晚上你想去哪儿? Where would you like to go tonight? Play Media
对不起,我很忙(我没有时间)。今天晚上我得在家作作业。I'm sorry I'm busy (I don't have time). I have to do my homework this evening. Play Media