Sets 4 and 5

小姐,我要买一件衬衫。Miss, I would like to buy a shirt. Play Media
我弟弟喜欢我的衬衫。My brother likes my shirt. Play Media
在法国买衬衫很贵,在中国贵吗?Buying shirts in France is very expensive. Is it expensive in China? Play Media
林先生是一个很好的中国人,他也很有钱。Mr Lin is a nice Chinese man and he is rich too. Play Media
干小姐买了一件很贵的白衬衫。她用了很多钱。Miss Gan bought a very expensive white shirt and she spent a lot of money. Play Media
这个要多少钱?How much does it cost? Play Media
这条裤子太贵,你试试那条。This pair of trousers are very expensive. You try that pair. Play Media
你来饭店吃糖醋鱼。You should come to the restaurant to eat sweet and sour fish. Play Media
你喜欢吃辣(的),你试试酸辣汤。You like eating spicy food. You should try sour and spicy soup. Play Media
我们都喜欢吃红烧肉,我们也喜欢吃饺子。We all like eating pork in soy sauce and we also like eating dumplings. Play Media