Lesson one Eating meals (part one)

Day two

Learn the following two sentences

Shénme   hăo         chī?  
 What   good (to) eat  

Play Media What is nice to eat?

Shénme hăochī? What is nice to eat? Shénme what is a question word. Hăochī good/nice to eat. Hăo can be place before any verb of actions to indicate that something is nice to… or easy to…


New words







Zhè Play Media   this
Play Media   that
Ge    Play Media   a measure word
Fàn   Play Media   meal (e,g. chīfàn to eat a meal, ) cooked rice
hăo Play Media    good, nice

Use the following table to form sentences

Word order
subject (nouns and pronouns) adverbs and modal verbs verbs description of objects object (nouns and pronouns)
  I, me Duō  (to be) more, many, much               Chī   to eat    
    you Shăo (to be) less, few


Shénme  what Cài    green vegetable, dishes of food e.g. zhè ge cài this dish
Tā    he, him; she, her Xĭhuān   like      



Supplementary words


Play Media China
Yīngguó                                Play Media Britain
Făguó                    Play Media France