2nd Year Week 7 TT03

Topic: Modern day popular culture

Translate the following sentences (208 words) into Chinese.

Pop music

The only pop singers in the performance will be Ye Fan, Tan Jin and Sun Jie, all of whom have won prizes at the "Sounds of Asia" Pop Music Festival in Kazakhstan.

Ye attended the festival in 1996. Regarding the awards, she said: "Although I felt proud of winning the prize, I considered the festival more as an opportunity to communicate with pop singers from other countries and learn from them."

She said that pop music in China was just in its initial stages.

When Tan won the award in 1998, she also thought Chinese pop music still had a long way to go.

By 2000, when Sun Jie won the award, it was agreed that Chinese pop music had reached international standards.

All of them believe it is better to blend traditional Chinese music with pop music to get an original sound.

In fact, these three singers all studied folk music before they started to sing pop songs.

According to the organizers and officials from the Ministry of Culture, it was difficult to invite all China's prize winners to attend the performance.

They will arrange more chances for these artists to perform so that the public will be able to get to know them better.