Pinyin pronunciation for Mandarin 

Please set the text size to "Medium" for this programme and read the instructions by clicking on the links next to levels one - four before starting the exercises. Click here for the notes on Pinyin pronunciation        

Level one. Learning instructions





Level two. Practice instructions

Practise vowels

Practise consonants

 Practise groups

Level three.  How to use the tables for combinations of consonants and vowels

1. b p m f d t n l

2. b p m f d t n l

3. b p m f d t n l

1. g k h j q x z c

2. g k h j q x z c

3. g k h j q x z c

1. s r zh ch sh

2. s r zh ch sh

3. s r zh ch sh


Level four. Multi-syllabic words and phrases with tone changes

Phrases with two third tones

Bi-syllabic phrases of third tone with other tones

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