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Question: The closest meaning to 衣服洗得挺干净 [yīfu xĭ de tĭng gānjìng] is

Hints: This is a notional passive sentence.
1 能把衣服洗干净the clothes can be cleaned. 2 衣服被洗得很干净the clothes have been washed very clean. 3 干干净净地洗衣服 (intend to) wash the clothes very clean. 衣服洗得挺干净the clothes have been washed very clean.

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1. 能把衣服洗干净
[néng bă yīfu xĭ gānjìng]
2. 衣服被洗得很干净
[yīfu bèi xĭ de hěn gānjìng]
3. 干干净净地洗衣服
[gāngānjìngjìng de xĭ yīfu]