Chinese Multimedia

Lesson 15

Video and text
Listening and speaking
Grammar exercises


Question: Ask your friend to throw away the papers that he does not need any more.

Hint 1 Hint 1   To throw 扔 rēng
Hint 2 Hint 2   扔 掉
Comments Answer  那 些 你 不 用 的 纸 请 你 扔 掉 。 Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 请 你 把 你 不 用 的 纸 扔 掉
qǐng nǐ bǎ nǐ bú yòng de zhǐ rēng diào or 请 扔 掉 那 些 你 不 用 的 纸 qǐng rēng diào nà xiē nǐ bú yòng de zhǐ . When 掉 diào is used as a resultative word  it implies to get rid of something.
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