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Lesson 16

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Grammar exercises


Question: Ask your friend politely if s/he would wash your clothes for you..

Hint 1 Hint 1   Use 劳 驾
Hint 2 Hint 2   Use the co-verb 给
Comments Answer  劳 驾, 请 你 给 我 洗 一 下 衣 服 好 吗 ? Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 对 不 起 你 能 不 能 给 我 洗 一 下 衣 服
duì bu qǐ, nǐ néng bu néng gěi wǒ xǐ yí xià yīfu? The colloquial expression 劳 驾 láojià is used in Beijing, but is not commonly used in southern China. 对 不 起  duì bu qǐ is more widely accepted. The co-verb clause 给 我 gěi wǒ is placed before 洗 , the main verb. The expression 一 下 yí xià serves as an action measure, and also softens the tone of voice. The alternative is a bald choice type question 你 能 不 能 给 我 洗 衣 服 nǐ néng bu néng gěi wǒ xǐ  yīfu, which sounds very abrupt.
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