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Question: The closest meaning of 我刚下课 [wŏ gāng xià kè] is
 刚: only just .
Comments: 1 我几分钟以前才下课 I finished the class only a few minutes ago. 我就要下课了I’m about to finish the class. 3 我现在正下课呢 I’m finishing the class. 我刚下课 I have just finished the class. The adverb gāng is placed before verbs and modal verbs. For example, 他刚去邮局 tā gāng qù yóujú he has just gone to the post office.

Choose the answer
1. 我几分钟以前才下课
[wŏ jĭ fēnzhōng yĭqián cái xià kè]
2. 我就要下课了
[wŏ jiù yào xià kè le]
3. 我现在正下课呢
[wŏ xiànzài zhèngzài xià kè]