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Question: The closest meaning of ń„ŌŽ”√¬ū [nĭ xiăng y®įng ma] is£ļ

Hint: ŌŽ would like to.
1 ń„’ż‘ŕ”√¬ū are you using (it)? 2  ń„“™”√¬ū do you want to use it? 3  ń„ŌŽ”–»ň“™”√¬ū do you think someone wants to use it? ń„ŌŽ”√¬ū would you like to use it? The modal verb ŌŽ xi®£ng is placed before the main verb of a sentence. For instance, ő“ŌŽ¬Ú≥Ķ w®Į xi®£ng m®£i ch®• I would like to buy a car.

Choose the answer
ń„’ż‘ŕ”√¬ū [nĭ zh®®ngz®§i y®įng ma]
2. ń„“™”√¬ū  
[nĭ y®§o y®įng ma]
3. ń„ŌŽ”–»ň“™”√¬ū
[nĭ xiăng yŏur®¶n y®§o y®įng ma]