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Lesson 22

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Question: Tell your friend that you are bowled over by the book that you borrowed from Mr. Wang yesterday.

Hint 1 Hint 1   Use the 被 construction
Hint 2 Hint 2   The 从 clause is placed before the verb 借
Comments Answer  我 被 那 本 从 王 先 生 那 儿 借 来 的 书 吸 引 住 了 。 Listen
Comments Comments  The passive construction with 被
bèi describes how a particular object (abstract or physical) is dealt with or disposed of by somebody or something. The verbs in these constructions take complicated forms. They are verbs of method of action, plus other elements. Most of the elements attached to the main verbs in 被 bèi  sentences are similar to those used in the 把 construction.

1. Resultative verb phrases:
  电 视 机 被 小 王 修 好

diànshì jī bèi Xiǎo Wáng xiū hǎo le

          The TV has been mended by Xiao Wang.
2. Directional verb phrases:
  足 球 被 他 踢 进 河 里

zúqiú bèi tā tī dào hé lǐ le

           The football has been kicked into the river by him.
3. Complements of degree, the 得 construction:
  房 间 被 她 打 扫 得 干 干 净 净 

fángjiān bèi tā dǎsǎo de gāngānjìngjìng

          The room has been swept very clean by her.
 4. Time/action measure:
  他 被 她 妈 妈 骂 了 一 顿

tā bèi tā māma mà le yí dùn

          He was given a telling off by her mother.

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