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Lesson 5

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Question: Pick up a phone and ask if the person on the other end is Xiao Wang.

Hint 1 Hint 1   Hello 喂 should be pronounced in the second tone.
Hint 2 Hint 2   是 小 王 吗
Comments Answer  喂,是 小 王 吗? Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 喂, 你 是 小 王 吗
wéi, nĭ shì Xiăo Wáng ma? 喂,是 不 是 小 王 啊 wéi, shì bu shì Xiăo Wáng a? Or, 喂, 是 小 王 吧 wéi, shì Xiăo Wáng ba? The word 喂 wéi hello can be pronounced in the second and fourth tones. 喂 wéi is pronounced in the second tone when making a telephone call, and in the fourth tone when calling for attention. When you introduce yourself on the phone in Chinese, 我 I  is used instead of: " this is ...," as if you are talking to the person face-to-face: 我 是 小 李 wŏ shì Xiăo Lĭ this is Xiao Li speaking.
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