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Question: The closest meaning to 今天晚上你有空吗 [jīntiān wănshang nĭ yŏu kòng ma]? is
你有空吗 are you free?
1 今天晚上你有没有事 are you doing anything this evening? 2今天晚上你有没有很多时间 have you got a lot of time this evening? 3 今天晚上你在不在家 will you be at home this evening?

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1. 今天晚上你有没有事
[jīntiān wănshang nĭ yŏu méi yŏu shì]
2. 今天晚上你有没有很多时间
[jīntiān wănshang nĭ yŏu méi yŏu hĕn duō shíjiān]
3. 今天晚上你在不在家
[jīntiān wănshang nĭ zài bu zài jiā]