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Question: The closest meaning to 我想请你喝酒 [wŏ xiăng qĭng nĭ hē jiŭ] is
here implies to invite; in other words the speaker would like to pay for the drink.

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1. 我想我们一起去喝酒
[wŏ xiăng wŏmen yìqĭ qù hē jiŭ]
2. 我想我们一起去喝酒, 我出钱
[wŏ xiăng wŏmen yìqĭ qù hē jiŭ, wŏ chū qián]
3. 我想我们一起去喝酒, 你出钱
[wŏ xiăng wŏmen yìqĭ qù hē jiŭ, nĭ chū qián]