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Question: The closest meaning to 喝酒啊,有什么好事啊? [hē jiŭ a, yŏu shénme hăo shì] is
好事 good things.
1 没有好事 there is nothing good, or, it isn’t a good sign. 2 有没有要庆祝的事 is there anything to celebrate? 3 喝酒不是好事 is similar to 喝酒有什么好drinking is no good. 喝酒啊,有什么好事啊 have a drink! Is there anything good to celebrate?

Choose the answer
1. 没有好事
[méiyŏu hăo shì]
2. 有没有要庆祝的事
[yŏu méi yŏu yào qìngzhù de shì]
3. 喝酒不是好事
[hē jiŭ bú shì hăo shì]