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Question: ,对了,今天是三月十五号[o, duìle, jīntiān shì sān yuè shíwŭ hào]. The speaker thinks that:
, 对了 implies that the speaker suddenly remembers something.
1. 三月十五号是一个特别的日子 the 15th March is a special day.  2. 今天是三月十五号 today is the 15th March. 3. 昨天是三月十五号 yesterday was the 15th March. 对了,今天是三月十五号 oh, that’s right, today is the 15th March.

Choose the answer
1. 三月十五号是一个特别的日子
[sān yuè shíwŭ hào shì yí ge tèbié de rìzi]
2. 今天是三月十五号
[jīntiān shì sān yuè shíwŭ hào]
3. 昨天是三月十五号
[zuótiān shì sān yuè shíwŭ hào]