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Question: The closest meaning of  他很象你哥哥 [tā hĕn xiàng nĭ gēge] is
1 你哥哥很象他 your older brother looks like him. 2 他很想你哥哥he misses your older brother. 3 你哥哥都象他 your older brothers look like him. 他很象你哥哥 he looks like your older brother. xiàng to be like or to resemble is used as a verb in sentences.

Choose the answer
1. 你哥哥很象他
[nĭ gēge hĕn xiàng tā]
2. 他很想你哥哥
[tā hĕn xiăng nĭ gēge]
3. 你哥哥都象他
[nĭ gēge dōu xiàng tā]