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Question: The closest meaning of 他今年多大 [tā jīnnián duó dà] is
is used to describe age.
1 他高大不高大 is he big and tall? 2 他今年长高了多少 how much has he grown this year? 3 他今年几岁了how old is he this year? 他今年多大 how old is he this year? duō how much or how many is used as a question word which is followed by stative verbs implying size and length, such as big, cháng long. 多大 duō dà  how big or how old can also be used to ask a person’s age.

Choose the answer
1. 他高大不高大
[tā gāodà bù gāodà]
2. 他今年长高了多少
[tā jīnnián zhăng gāole duōshao]
3. 他今年几岁了
[tā jīnnián jĭ suì le]