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Question: The closest meaning to 什么样的都可以,别理得太短就行[shénme yàng de dōu kěyĭ, bié lĭ de tài duăn jiù xíng] is
什么都可以 anything will do.
1 理发理一个什么样的 what hairstyle would you like to have? 2 为什么理得太短了 why did you cut it too short? 3 只要不理得太短,什么样子都可以 as long as it’s not too short, I don’t mind what style it is. 什么样的都可以,别理得太短就行 I don’t mind what style I have, as long as it’s not too short.

Choose the answer
1. 理发理一个什么样的
[lĭ fà lĭ yí ge shénme yàng de]
2. 为什么理得太短了
[wèishénme lĭ de tài duăn le]
3. 只要不理得太短, 什么样子都可以
[zhĭyào bù lĭ de tài duăn, shénme yàng de dōu kěyĭ]