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Question: The closest meaning to 小伙子,今年多大了[xiăohuŏzi, jīnnián duō dà le] is
今年多大了 refers to 小伙子.
1小伙子今年有几岁了how old is the young man? 2小伙子, 你今年有几岁了 young man, how old are you? 3小伙子,她今年几岁了 young man, how old is she? 小伙子,今年多大了young man, how old are you?

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1. 小伙子今年有几岁了
[xiăohuŏzi, jīnnián yŏu jĭsuì le]
2. 小伙子,你今年有几岁了
[xiăohuŏzi, nĭ jīnnián yŏu jĭsuì le]
3. 小伙子,她今年几岁了
[xiăohuŏzi, tā jīnnián jĭsuì le]