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Question: The closest meaning to …后来我们就吹了 [hòulái wŏmen jiù chuī le] is
后来 then, (a time word which is used to describe sth. which has already taken place.) 吹了break up.
1 我们以后会吹的 we won’t go out any more in future. 2 她以前是我女朋友, 过了一些时间以后,我们不是朋友 了 she used to be my girlfriend, but after a while we didn’t go out together any more. 3 我们现在已经吹了we are no longer going out together…后来我们就吹了in the end we split up.

Choose the answer
1. 我们以后会吹的
[wŏmen yĭhòu hùi chuī de]
2. 她以前是我女朋友, 过了一些时间以后, 我们不是朋友了
[tā yĭqián shì wŏ nǚ péngyou guò le yī xiē shíjiān yĭhòu, wŏmen búshì péngyou le]
3. 我们现在已经吹了
[wŏmen xiānzài yĭjīng chuī le]