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Question: The closest meaning to 你们坐火车去城外吗 [nĭmen zòu hŏuchē qù chéngwài ma] is

Hint: 坐火车 used as a co-verb clause.
1 你们都去坐城外的火车吗 are you all going to take the train out of town? 2 你们去城外坐火车吗 are you going out of town to get the train? 3 你们坐火车到城外去吗 are we going out of town by train? 你们坐火车去城外吗 are you going out of town by train?

Choose the answer
1. 你们都去坐城外的火车吗
[nĭmen dōu qù zòu chéngwài de hŏuchē ma]
2. 你们去城外坐火车吗
[nĭmen qù chéngwài zòu hŏu chē ma]
3. 你们坐火车到城外去吗
[nĭmen zuò hŏuchē dào chéngwài qù ma]