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Chinese language studies at intermediate level 


Language courses and exercises   Radio, TV and news   Topic-related materials

Multimedia Spoken Chinese

Multimedia Spoken Chinese Textbook and CDROM (ISBN0-954229-1-6) at intermediate level are available. Please write to the CTCFL for more info.


China Dialogue
Chinese-English bi-lingual news articles.



Sayings of Chairman Mao (incomplete)

The site has 33 completed topics, but does not cover all the quotations in the little red book.

Newspaper Reading Materials

There are 17 topics in total. Each sentence has two PowerPoint slides. The first slide analyses the function words of the sentence by using colours and the second one displays a normal sentence. All the slides are supported by sound files.


BBC World Service
The quality of sound is good if you receive it in the U.K. It has a big variety of topics with brief descriptions in Chinese.

Southern trip speech - Deng Xiaoping

Simulated HSK Listening Test 1, Test 2

This is one of the CTCFL sites, which consists of many sound files. There is also a CD available for this type of exercises. Please write to the CTCFL for more info.


Mandarin Broadcasting in Germany
The reading speed is slow: it is suitable for students at intermediate level.

Sino-American Relations - Bill Clinton

Clinton's speech of 24 October 1997 on Sino-American relations as translated from the English by the VOA.

Sample Chinese language texts for intermediate and advanced levels

Go to "Chinese Language in Daily Life" for the commonly used Chinese idioms and proverbs.



Voice of America

Very good quality of sound files.




Discussion Forum

Interactive web-site where personal views can be expressed. Both Chinese and English can be used.


VOA Weekly Newscasts with Transcripts (Ocrat)  

Chinese language material taken from VOA,



Phoenix TV, Chinese News and Entertainment Channel. Click on 點擊觀看to view the TV programmes.


TV & Radio Broadcasting of People .Com

Chinese official TV broadcasting programmes. You will need additional software to watch the TV programmes.


Taiwan TV Programmes
Apart from news items, there are some plays and entertainment programmes.
China Radio
You can read the texts when listening to the news.
People Net
Chinese official internet links.
Hong Kong Daily News
The internet links for the Hong Kong daily news papers.
Taiwan News
Taiwanese news online.



Sina News Centre

News and articles in Chinese.