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About us


The Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (CTCFL) at the University of Oxford is located in the Institute for Chinese Studies in Walton Street, Oxford. The Centre is funded for its initial phase from 1998 to 2001 by the Jessie and Thomas Tam Charitable Foundation of Hong Kong. Workshops and research projects run by the British Chinese Language Teaching Society are supported by CTCFL. At the present, the centre focuses on the development of online and multimedia language teaching.

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The Centre focuses on creating web-based or computer assisted programmes to improve Chinese language teaching and learning. Other units of Oxford University that are involved in these projects are the Institute for Chinese Studies (ICS) and the Oxford University Computer Services

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CTCFL achievements

  • In 1999 the CTCFL created web-based teaching programmes for elementary level students and set up an efficient web-site link system for intermediate and advanced Chinese language learners.
  • In 2000, during the second year, the CTCFL turned the web-based elementary-intermediate teaching programme into CDROM format and prepared materials for a multimedia programme for intermediate-advanced level.
  • The CTCFL was engaged a project on teaching of Chinese language skills, which is funded by the FDTL. This project started in October 2000 and finished in December 2002.
  • In 2001a trial version of Chinese Multimedia CD ROM for elementary-intermediate level was completed and was  tested by students of Chinese in UK universities. The CD was finally published in 2002. 
  • All the materials that were generated in the FDTL project were made available on the internet in 2003.
  • Since 2003 the CTCFL has been developing multimedia supplementary materials for teaching and learning. The Centre has intergraded the IT methods into the conventional teaching and learning of Chinese language.
  • The Centre published its second CDROM Multimedia Spoken Chinese with a textbook at intermediate level in Oct 2004.
  • In 2006 the CTCFL involved in the language teaching and learning projects for the British Interuniversity China Centre. Since then it has created a Chinese language course for mid-career development which combines the methods of intensive teaching and online learning for the British academics.
  • 2007 a trial version of online Chinese Grammar programme was created.
  • Since summer 2007 the Centre has been developing Multimedia Role Play in Chinese, an online programme with the Oxford University Computer Services .







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CTCFL has a Sony language laboratory system with SmartBoard and eighteen student positions. The system is connected to internet satellite channels and a DVD player.


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Staff members

Mr. Shio-yun KAN

Senior Instructor in Chinese, Programme Director of the CTCFL

Ms Yang SONG

Shaw Lecturer in Chinese    

Ms Jing FANG

Lecturer in Chinese for the MPhil programme

Ms Bo HU

Lecturer in Chinese for the BICC programme



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