Second year lectures, classes and tutorials timetable MT03

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  M T W Th F
10   Menzi Rm 206 Prof. Dudbridge Classical reading Rm 207 Dr. Chard Oral class Rm 204 Ms Li (A) Rm 205 Ms Song (B) Oral class Rm 205 Ms Li (B)
11 Mengzi Rm 206 Prof. Dudbridge Oral class Rm 204 Ms Song (A) Colloquial Chinese (A) Rm 205 Mr. Kan Newspaper reading (A) Rm 205 Ms. Li Modern Readings Rm 206 Dr. Liu
12 Lang lab. Mr. Kan Art (Ashmolean) Ms Vainker Colloquial Chinese (B) Rm 205 Mr. Kan History Rm 206 Dr. Faure  
2       Newspaper reading (B) Rm 204 Ms. Li  


Group A Chacko, Easterbrook, Futter, Golf, Gorman, Harrison Huston
Group B Keith, Loader, Milburn, Nevin, Ting, Winkler