First Chinese man in space

A journalist from Reuters in Beijing, Mr Smith, is interviewing the chief designer of Shenzhou (Divine Vessel)V, Qi Faren. You have been asked to act as their interpreter.

S: China will launch its first manned spaceship next week. Can I ask you why you have chosen a spaceship for this mission and not a space shuttle?

Q: 航天飞机太复杂, 复杂的东西有时候意味着不安全,不可靠。我们已经成功地发射了能返回地球的卫星,这方面的技术飞船可以借鉴,因此我们选择搞载人飞船。

S: At technology level, how would you compare Shenzhou to the spaceships in the former Soviet Union?

Q: 我们的神州飞船与目前俄罗斯使用的飞船相比已经没有多少差距,而且在某些方面性能更好,比如我们的飞船比他们的直径30%左右,在目前的世界上是最大的,里面增加了一些可以用来做实验的系统。

S: May I ask you about this - during its development, did you use any programmes from outside of China?

Q: 这个问题,经常有人问我。我可以明确地说,没有。我们曾经很想,但没办成。后来,我们还是决定自己干。

S: I know that China has so far conducted four unmanned tests flights. Do you think this has been enough for it to carry people?

Q: 我们这样做主要是受到了资金限制,但是经过专家评审,我们有信心宣布,各种安全设备程序都已经经过了完善

S: For the vast majority of Chinese people, this launch is no doubt a national pride. But as you have mentioned, funds are limited. How do you consider the necessity of a space programme for a developing country like China?

Q: 我们应该看到如今地球资源正在进一步减少, 天然气资源都很有限。载人航天从长远意义上来讲正是为人类造福