Bush's Moon Mission

This is a talk between a Chinese journalist and an editor of the TIME magazine regarding US plans to send astronauts back to the Moon and possibly on to Mars. You are the interpreter.

C: 昨天,美国总统布什在美国太空总署宣布说,在2015年之前,美国将再次把太空人送回月球,并在月球建立永久的太空基地,他还提出了下一个目标是火星。美国社会对这个问题的反应如何?

A: So far the country has had a mixed reaction to this. According to a TIME poll, 61% of Americans oppose spending billions for the project. They think the money would be better spent at home.

C: 当年美国的登月计划曾经让美国的航空航天工业十分受益, 现在航空航天工业应该是最欢迎这项计划的吧?

A: Bush's proposal gives a booster-size lift to NASA. It comes at a time when there are serious setbacks at the NASA.

C: 美国目前的财政赤字已接近了历史最高水平,国会在财政方面的态度会是怎样呢?

A: Well, nobody in the Congress will be eager to give Bush a post-dated check for his mission to Mars without some tough scrutiny. Some may applaud the plan, others will be braced for a fight over potential cuts on existing projects.

C: 提到其他项目,美国组织参与了一些国际合作项目,比如说国际空间站,这会不会受到布什新计划的影响呢?

A: The implications of the plans for projects in which it participates are not yet clear, in particular the international projects such as the International Space Station.

A: By the way, China became the third country to send a man into space last year. But there has not been any official reaction from China about this American plan.

C: 探索太空,和平利用空资源是全人类共同的愿望,无论是个国家开展研究或取得进展,我们都应该大力支持。