China-Taiwan Relationship

In an exclusive interview with BBC News Online, Taiwan's Prime Minister discusses progress in relation with China. You are the interpreter.

B: China has argued that Taiwan is part of it. Do you see any possibility for the resolution of the "one China" principal?

T: 陈总统在2000年的就职演说中曾经强调要在民主、平等的原则上,在现有的基础上解决这个问题。我们目前必须把争论放在一边,通过对话和交流的方式来达成一致的意见

B: Earlier this year, "mini-links" were established in trade, transport and postal services. Have the three "mini-links" made any differences to the relations?

T: 到目前为止我们对大陆在这个问题上灵活以及实际的态度表示满意,我们希望双方会在平等、互惠的原则上开始进行经济交流和合作。

B: In terms of trade and economics, what is the current state of relations ?

T: 从1978年台湾允许到大陆探亲以来,台湾对大陆的贸易和投资都大幅增长,现在保守估计认为台湾在大陆有30,000家工厂, 这为大陆带来了至少3百万个就业机会。

B: China and Taiwan have both joined the World Trade Organization. What impact does this have on the relations?

T: 双方都面临着很多挑战,台湾面临着市场开放的问题和来自于大陆的竞争;大陆则面临着体制改革等一系列问题, 只有双方都克服了上述困难,那么才有可能进一步互助互惠。