Sars in East Asia

An officer from China's State Food and Drug Administration is being interviewed by an editor from BBC. You are their interpreter.

B: It is said that China has given the go ahead for human clinical trials of a vaccine for the Sars virus. When are the trials going to take place?

C: 我们准备这个月就在自愿者体内使用这种疫苗,但是这只是研究的第一阶段,这个阶段的研究除了要发现疫苗的效果以外,还要看这种疫苗对人类是不是安全。

B: Is the first stage trials going to be in large scale?  And does this mean the vaccine can be produced for widespread use any time soon?

C: 这将只是一次小规模的实验,疫苗真正开始生产和使用还需要很长时间,估计大概得几年。

B: Would you mind me asking about the background of these volunteers chosen as subjects?

C: 这方面我了解得不多,我可以介绍的是我们一共选择了30 位自愿者,他们的年龄都在20到50岁之间,身体十分健康。

B: On a different matter, during the Sars attack, did TCM play any role in prevention or in treatment? Or is there any strict control regarding this from the state authority?

C: 我们鼓励发扬中医的传统,中医可以在很多方面提高人体的免疫力,实际上去年在广东中医、西医结合治疗非典已经证明很有效。

B: Is there any special prescriptions developed in this area?

C: 有,这些药主要用来预防非典减轻非典的症状、以及减轻西药带来的副作用