A Chinese commentator is interviewing Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir, on issues regarding Islam and Democracy.

C: 目前西方正在大力推广民主政治,认为只有民主才是完美的体制,您对这个问题是怎么看的呢?

M: Muslim countries should not be in a hurry to embrace democracy. We have had no part in the formulation of these ideas, nor with the reinterpretation and application of it. Quite naturally, it will do us more damage than whatever system that we practise in our countries.

C: 那么您认为穆斯林国家现在需要一个什么样的政府呢?

M: It is not the system that matters here. It is good governance by good people that we need. Indeed feudal kings, even dictators, have provided and can provide good governance.

C: 许多西方政治家以及媒体越来越关注是否能够在伊斯兰与西方世界之间建立一种和平共处互惠互利的稳定关系。您认为在这个进程中伊斯兰的作用是什么呢?

M: Muslim nations must help contribute towards world peace and prosperity by adopting a rational and clear-headed policy in their relations with each other and with the rest of the world. Our role is not to be dominated or to dominate but to be equal partners.

C: 那么您对目前仍然存在的暴力问题是怎么看的呢?

M: Indiscriminate acts of terrorism have weakened Muslim governments and countries. Indeed any aggressiveness or thoughtless violence should be eschewed.

C: 在未来的世界里,伊斯兰国家如何来发展自己呢?

M: If the Muslim countries want to play a role in this century, apart from establishing good, dedicated governments, we must promote stability and economic growth and equip ourselves with all the skills of the industrial and information age.