The exercises on the use of the aspectual particle 了

Click here to view the notes on the particle 了.

Place the mouse on ____ to view the explanations. Click on Translation to hear the correct versions of the sentences. Place the mouse on Translation to view the English translation.

  1. 昨天上午我坐____车去____学院____Translation
  2. 昨天我走____路去____咖啡馆____ Translation
  3. 昨天晚上我去____城里看____电影____ Translation
  4. 下午我在____朋友家喝____中国茶____ Translation
  5. 昨天晚上我想________中国饭____ Translation
  6. 上个星期天晚上我在____宿舍看____中国画报____,我没跟____朋友一起去____电影院看____电影____ Translation
  7. 今天中午他来____我家找________,我不在____家,我在____学院上____课呢。 Translation
  8. 我在____图书馆复习____课文的时候,看见____丁云跟____古波一起在____桌子下边喝____啤酒____ Translation
  9. 去年我每天在____这儿看________ Translation
  10. 以前他总是不在____家吃____晚饭____ Translation
  11. 三年以前我在____中国银行工作____ Translation
  12. 三年以前我在____中国银行工作____一个月____ Translation
  13. 布朗太太以前是____老师____ Translation
  14. 布朗太太以前教____英语语法____ Translation
  15. 去年我认识____两个中国朋友____ Translation
  16. 去年我有____两个中国朋友____ Translation

Translate the following sentence into Chinese. Place the mouse on the highlighted sentences to view the explanations. Place the mouse on Answer  to view the answers and click on Answer to hear the translations.

  1. He came here by car this morning. Answer
  2. I wanted to go to see a film last night, but Ding Yun came to see me, so I didn't go.  Answer
  3. He was a doctor ten years ago. Answer
  4. When I was staying with Ding Yun a few months ago she introduced me many Chinese friends. Answer
  5. Last year I often had my supper at that Chinese restaurant. Answer
  6. I saw him bought ten Chinese dictionary when I was in the bookshop the other day. Answer
  7. Did you write Chinese characters yesterday afternoon? Answer
  8. No, I didn't. I went to see a Chinese film. Answer
  9. This morning Ding Yun told me that Mr. Wang invited her for the dinner last night. Answer
  10. Last year we often went to the house which was opposite to Palanka's home. Answer
  11. Did you drink wine too that day? Yes, but I didn't drink too much. Answer
  12. He studied Chinese music for eight weeks when he was in China last year. Answer