Third year language assignments for HT 2012

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Topics Reading Prose composition Interpreting Listening comprehension
W1 中国农民运动 China's land grab is undermining grassroots democracy Corruption in China The Wukan incident
W2 英国女性每年平均为自己制定两次节食计划 Women plan protest against diet industry outside parliament Healthy living Dieting
W3 歐洲困境 Europe's three-dimensional crisis Credit Crunch World financial issues
W4 俄罗斯和中国对决议草案投了反对票 Russia under intense pressure not to veto Syria resolution at UN United Nations International ralation
W5 Hacking avoids its day in court Which is more trustworthy, mainstream media or bloggers? Media
W6 英国政府高级官员宣布即将取消年初制定的关于英国大学的学生提前还清学生贷款的惩罚。 No 10 scraps plan to penalise early student loan repayments Increase of enrolment in Chinese universities Education
W7   Measuring China's pollution from space Global warming  

Drink just an act for teetotal Tanya

Drinking And Drug Problems in Our Society