Third year language assignments for HT 2020

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  Prose composition Interpreting
W1 Is artificial-womb technology a tool for women's liberation? Concept of Family in Modern World
W2 Coronavirus doctor: 'Everyone is stuck here and can't leave' The Threat of Bird Flu
W3 Why would private schools get to dictate who is ‘suitable’ to go to university? Why British Universities must attract more students from overseas
W4 China is biggest threat to global economy right now, says Harvard professor Threat or Opportunity?
W5 What Is Food Culture And How Does It Impact Health? Food in Chinese Culture
W6 Caroline Flack’s death shows how social media has democratised cruelty Pop Culture
W7 If the regions are to rise, London must take a hit The poverty problems
W8 The university ‘free speech crisis’ has been a rightwing myth for 50 years Higher Education