In China, the "French Culture Year" will begin soon with French president Jacque Chirac's visit to China. A reporter from CCTV is interviewing Alain Lombard, commissioner general of the "French Culture Year" .

C: 中法两国正在互办文化年,中国文化年已经在法国取得了圆满成功,请您介绍一下法国文化年的安排。º

F: We are going to bring about 200 programmes with diversified subjects, which will cover, for example, French cultural relics, modern stage arts and achievements in science and technology.º

C: 中国是一个人口众多的国家,你们是否考虑过怎样才能使更多的中国人看到展览和演出,更好地了解法国文化?º

F: We will arrange some large-scale activities,  for example,  the "Forbidden City Concert" at the opening ceremony which will expect a large audience of 15,000,  and the "Grand Picnic" on the Great Wall where tens of thousands of people will be able to taste the delicacies from France. º

C: 我听说这些活动不只是局限在北京一个城市。º

F: A series of exhibitions will be staged in other cities such as Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, introducing French achievements in fields of photography, architecture and city development. º

C: 很多中国人对法国的印象是“浪漫”,您说过法国不应该局限在这个印象中,你们有意改变这个形象吗?º

F: France is not just a romantic country. It is also a modern country, a country with advanced industry, agriculture, science and technology and education, a country that is full of vigor and creativity. We hope the French Culture Year will enable Chinese people to get to know France in an all-round way and feel its creativity. º

C: 文化年活动一定会使两国人民加深对互相的了解,开阔视野,作为这次活动的总协调人,您有哪些体会呢?º

F: I personally admire Chinese culture very much and I have read a number of Chinese books such as the Water Margin, the Golden Lotus, the Dream of Red Mansion. In the past, China was a "mysterious" and "ancient" country for most of the French. Through the Chinese Culture Year, new impressions have been formed on China. I therefore would have the same expectations for the French Culture Year. º