British Educational Rush to China

ELITE British schools are setting up in China to feed a growing appetite for public school education as expectations grow that a ban on foreigners and Chinese studying together will be lifted. A Chinese journalist is interviewing the master of Dulwich College regarding their recent set up in Shanghai.

C: 在中国教育对外开放程度进一步加深的情况下,英国的一些学校和大学已经开始进入中国市场,请您介绍一下你们在上海开办分校的情况,可以吗?º

E: Sure. The Shanghai campus already has a kindergarten for 60 international children. But under Chinese law, children are not allowed to attend foreign-run schools before the age of 16. So Dulwich will not be able to tap directly into the Chinese market under that age, but will be able to recruit sixth-formers. º

C: 据我所知,上海并不是你们在国外开办的第一所分校,能请您介绍一下你们以前的经验吗?º

E: Another international Dulwich College opened in Thailand seven years ago. It is a successful school with an Olympic-size swimming pool and a mountain-bike track. Dulwich hopes the Shanghai experiment will mirror its success.  º

C: 那么请问像这么一所名声很好而且盈利很好的学校为什么要选择在国外办学呢? º

E: The school is not simply trying to make money. Its main motivation is idealistic. Any money made will be ploughed into scholarships for deprived children. We want to spread the Dulwich ideals of respect, tolerance and enthusiasm around the world. º

C: 下面这个问题我问了不止一个学校,那就是在中国办学,你们将如何保证办学质量呢?º

E: The idea is that it should match, as closely as possible, Dulwich College in south London. By next year we shall have five Dulwich people on the staff, and other teachers are from America and Australia. It will teach the British national curriculum. Sixth-formers will take the International Baccalaureate rather than A-levels. It is all very exciting.  º

C: 在决定办上海分校之前,您一定对中国的教育情况作了深入的研究,那么您个人对中国的教育环境的改善有什么希望呢?º

E: Dulwich certainly hopes that one day, in the not too distant future, the Chinese government will relax the law and allow younger children to be educated in the company of their foreign contemporaries. Things are beginning to move. China wants to maintain standards, yet at the same time become much closer to the West. º

C: 今后在中国有什么更长远的发展计划吗?º

E: More international Dulwich Colleges are expected to appear soon , for example, in Beijing, China's capital and in Suzhou, a city famous for its gardens and silk. º