Second year lectures, classes and tutorials timetable MT08

Second Year Notice Board

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  M T W Th F
10 Oral class (A) Rm 206 Dr. Xin Menzi Rm 206 Dr Meyer Classical reading Rm 207  Dr. ??   Newspaper reading  (B) Rm 205 Dr. Xin
11 Mengzi Rm 207 Dr Meyer Oral class (A) Rm 204 Ms Song

Oral class (B) Rm 205 Dr. Xin

Colloquial Chinese (A)  Rm 205 Mr. Kan Newspaper reading  (A) Rm 205 Dr. Xin

Oral class (B) Rm 206 Ms Song

12 Listening Compreh. Lang lab. Ms. Hu   Colloquial Chinese (B)  Rm 205 Mr. Kan    
2   Modern Readings Wadham Dr. Liu      
3   Modern Readings Wadham  Dr. Liu      

Premodern East Asia: China, Korea, and Japan Lecture Series


Charlie Ainsworth, Alice Butt, Paul Carsten, Sarah Duncan, Sarah Fleming, Clare Kane


Ayaka McGill, Michael Oates Wormer, Henry Taylor, Riversdale Waldegrave, Kate Antonia Lomas, Tara Jennifer Taylor