Third year language assignments for MT 2017

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  Prose composition Interpreting
W1 Why serious literary fiction like Ishiguro’s is vital in times like these An interview
W2 Homelessness has surged for seven years. And it’s clear who’s to blame Disparity between rich and poor
W3 The time has come for Theresa May to tell the nation: Brexit can’t be done European Union
W4 Empathy – the latest gadget Silicon Valley wants to sell you Young People's Gadgets
W5 Modern tribes: the diet guru Healthy living
W6 US switches focus of its Bonn event from clean energy to fossil fuels Fossil fuels
W7 Why Is Black Friday Called Black Friday? Commercialization of the traditional festivals
W8 A moment that changed me: dressing as a woman for the first time at the age of 69 Homosexuality