Third year language assignments for MT 2020

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  Prose composition Interpreting
W1 How universities tricked students into returning to campus Continuing Education
W2 The invisible hand of the market won't protect our food or fields Food Price
W3 The final Biden-Trump presidential debate: our panellists' verdict The US Election
W4 An end to Labour's antisemitism controversy seems as far away as ever Living in a multicultural society
W5 From the National Gallery to the BBC, neutrality has always been an illusion An interview of Liu Xiaobo by ABC News
W6 We're told the monarchy steps up in a national crisis. This time it's been absent Would Western democracy ensure world peace?
W7 It was always lost on Brexiteers – but the EU is fundamentally about peace European Union
W8 Big fall in Black Friday UK retail sales despite online spending boom Brand names / Infringement of a brand name