MPhil W6 Translation

On 15 March this year, Wuhan City launched another large-scale campaign against fake and below-standard medicines. It was reported that during this campaign a total of 6,600 items from over 1,000 types of medicine were destroyed. There was also some medical equipment among the destroyed items. Since the beginning of this year, the city has destroyed fake and below-standard medicine with a value of 13.42 million RMB.

This year the city has made a great effort to standardise and control the medicine market, and the campaigns against fake medicine were successful. During the first 6 months of this year the city has investigated and dealt with 343 illegal cases with a value of 69.94 million RMB, among which 12.44 million was from fake and below-standard medicines. The city has closed down 28 factories and 133 shops which produced and illegally sold such medicines. There were 13 cases which involved a sum of over one million RMB.

The medicine market has improved in the city. Overall, the percentage of medicines which failed tests has fallen from 11.1% last year to 6.6% this year, and the percentage of medicines produced by medical organisations which failed tests has also fallen, from 34.4% last year to 6.7% this year.


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