Third year language assignments for TT 2011


  Readings Newspaper translation Prose composition Listening comprehension Interpreting
W 1 英国报章深度炒作世纪婚礼 Week 1 This royal wedding cannot bear the weight of meaning that's being heaped on it   Pop Culture
W 2     Pentagon backtracks on claims that Bin Laden put up a fight   Vocab
How can we defeat terrorism
W 3     the secret battle for the riches of the Arctic   Global warming
W 4     Lars von Trier provokes Cannes with 'I'm a Nazi' comments   An interview
W 5   Why do people get married after having children?   Concept of Family in Modern World
W 6     E. coli cucumber scare: Cases 'likely to increase'   The Threat of Bird Flu
W 7     GM crops bring cash harvest to non-GM varieties   Vegetarianism
W 8     Popular culture goes back to the Thirties   Drinking And Drug Problems in Our Society