First year lectures, classes and tutorials timetable

Trinity Term 2020 (Lecture List)

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All the following classes will be conducted online for the first part of TT20

  M T W Th F
9   EA Survey   LT 1and 2   EA Survey  LT 1and 2  
10 Lang. class A HLHL  Rm Mr. Kan Lang. class B W C Wang Rm Mr. Kan Oral A  WCSW Rm Ms Fang Modern Chinese HT Rm Ms Song Language tutorial Rm 201 Mr Kan
Language tutorial
 Rm 203 Ms Song
11 Lang. Lab. Mr Kan     Lang Lab Mr Kan Lang. Lab.  Ms Song
12     Oral B  WCSW Rm Ms Fang Language tutorial Rm 201 Mr Kan  
1     Language tutorial WCW Rm Ms Fang    
2         Classical HT Rm Dr Smith
3         Classical HT Rm Dr Smith

East Asia (EA): China, Korea, and Japan Lecture Series

Group A
Bowring, Geoffrey;Chapple, Eliza; Cooper-Brown, Isabella ;Fraser, Levi; James, Gareth; Lanson, Lucien;

Group B
Poyser, Louis; Ryan, Emily; Sergeant, Tomas; Taylor-Costin, Ryan; Vaishampayan, Nishta; Waheed, Asma