Third year language assignments for TT 2020


  Interpreting Prose translation
W 1 Continuing Education The Guardian view on universities: a bailout is in all our interests
W 2 The Animal Rights Movement Sarah Perry: what good are books, in a situation like this?
W 3 Aid to the Third World Donor countries urged to step up spending as national goals go unmet
W 4 The End of British Car Production  UK car production plunged in March to lowest level since 2009
W 5 My Experience in the Far East What to do if you have booked a trip to China from the UK
W 6 Anti Corruption China is foisting an anti-sedition law on Hong Kong that will change it for ever
W 7 Local Election If you’re surprised by how the police are acting, you don’t understand US history
W 8 Sports Make People Healthy Dina Asher-Smith and David Beckham join call for more diverse sports media