2nd Year Week 2 TT03


Topic: The war on Iraq: what has it done to US-UN relations?

Translate the following passages (122 words) into Chinese.

Bush: battle of Iraq is over, terror war goes on

May 02, 2003
PRESIDENT BUSH pledged that the war on terror would be unrelenting despite seeking to draw a line under the two wars of his Presidency.

Speaking aboard a US aircraft carrier, the most potent symbol of American military might, Mr Bush signalled that he would not hesitate to use force again to defend freedom.

“The use of force has been and remains our last resort. Yet all can know, friend and foe alike, that our nation has a mission. We will answer threats to our security and we will defend the peace.”

Mr Bush, who was flown to the vessel in a snub-nosed S3B Viking, avoided mention of any potential targets, other than saying that the al-Qaeda terrorist network was wounded, not defeated.