2nd Year Week 3 TT03


Topic: Would world-wide democracy ensure world peace?


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A seminar entitled "world-wide democracy ensures world peace" is being held at a university in London. During a tea break you are asked to act as interpreter between a Chinese scholar and an English participant .  The English participant starts.


E          I believe that a democratic system can bring us world peace, because under that system people are free to express their views, // and are able to elect a government that serves their interests.//


Ch        不见得,民主国家之间的矛盾也常常是通过战争来解决的。// 而且在一个民主国家内的政治矛盾也得通过武力来解决,// 比如英国以前使用武力来镇压北爱尔兰的反对派。//


E          Of course, living in a democratic society doesn’t mean that the policies of a government will please everyone in the country, // but they should accord with the interests of the majority of people in a country. //


Ch        所谓的大多数往往是一个国家的政治和经济势力,其实并不是大多数人民的利益。// 很多政策保护的只是经济势力的控制者,而不是广大的人民群众。// 我认为民主是政治家的欺骗手段。//


E          I think you are too sceptical. // If a government breaks its promises, the people can express their views by holding demonstrations. // If a government ignores its people’s views it can be voted out at the next general election. //


Ch        我们都能看到大多数的英国老百姓是反对伊拉克战争的,// 可是英国首相并没有听取人民的意见,一意孤行跟随美国攻打伊拉克。// 在这种事实的证明下你怎么能说民主给世界带来和平呢?//