2nd Year Week 4 TT03


Topic: Examinations or a modular system: which one works better?



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A Chinese visiting scholar and the head of a college are having a conversation about module and examination systems at a college tea party. You have been asked to be their interpreter. The Chinese scholar stars.


Ch        我认为学分制的教学模式很好,// 因为第一,学生有选修专业的自由,第二学生有机会发展自己的能力。// 考试制度的教学模式太死板了。不管你喜不喜欢,只要有考试的课你都得学,而且都得学好。//


H         I will argue that the examination system provides more training for disciplinary quality, which is extremely important for the development of individual character. // It also cultivates our students’ sense of responsibility. //


Ch        我想重要的是学习动机,要是一个学生没有学习动机,学习就没有动力,要是没有动力就学不好。// 我就不明白为什么学生必须学习自己不想学的东西?//


H         I am sure we can’t only do the work that we would like to do in our life. // The examination system reflects this aspect of life well and it can help students to overcome the difficulties lying ahead in their future. //


Ch        考试制度给学生带来了一些不必要的紧张。// 为什么学过的东西不是马上就测试而非要等到毕业考的时候一起测试呢?弄得学生考试前天天开夜车//


H         Higher education is not only a skill learning process, but it is a mind training process as well. // I believe that a good examination system would help students to learn how to organise their minds and their work. //