2nd Year Week 5 TT03


Topic: Lifelong education.



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A Chinese visiting scholar and the head of the Department for Continuing Education are having a conversation about lifelong education at a reception. You have been asked to be their interpreter. The English speaker stars.

E         Lifelong learning is a very important component of modern education. // It makes         learning much more flexible and much easier. // You can start studying a subject at any time of your life.// 

Ch    但是有了这种设施难免有些人就会忽略受到传统教育的机会,// 而认为反正有时间,任何时候受教育都一样。//

E        When, do you think, is the right time to receive an education? // 

Ch   这要看情况。在某种情况下年龄的大小和受教育的能力有着相当大的关系。// 有些东西只能小的时候学,比如说学乐器,学语言,越小就学得越快,年纪越大越不好学。//

E        Yes, I agree, but there are many other subjects that are not age-related. // What is  more, modern technology has provided us with alternative learning  environments. // With distance-learning and internet facilities you can study a  subject according to the time available to you. //

Ch        是啊,这就改变了人们学习的方式。// 在这种学习环境里你得非常自觉地    学习,遵守时间。// 在家学习和在课堂学习完全不同,你非得思想集中不可。//