2nd Year Week 8 TT03


Topic: Discuss the generation gap.



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A British secondary school has recently recruited many Chinese students.  You have been asked to help as an interpreter for some of the parents at a parents’ evening. The following is a dialogue between a Chinese parent and an English parent. The English speaker starts first.


E     I can really feel the generation gap between my children and me.// I can't understand their language and I can't understand what they're doing.// The world is changing too fast for me!//


Ch  其实代沟是生活中的一个部分,在每个时代都会有,// 并不是因为现在经济技术发展得快所以代沟就宽。//


E     Nowadays children spend too much time on these computer games and watching terrible TV programmes. // They simply don't spend enough time reading proper books and studying. //


Ch  同意,但是我们得要为什么孩子要把时间用在这些方面。// 用消极的手段来制止他们可能会起反作用。//


E     I have tried everything to make my son interested in proper subjects, but he doesn't even give them a try! A typical teenager! //


Ch  可能当父母的也应该学一下孩子们所感兴趣的东西,// 包括他们的电脑游戏,了解一下他们的电视节目,以便创造共同语言。// 同时也可以了解孩子的思维发展。//