Middle East Peace Plan 中东和平路线图

 A Chinese reporter from CCTV, Mr Wang, is interviewing a UN spokesman. You are their interpreter. 

W: 今年五月,以色列政府接受了中东和平路线图,联合国对此表示十分欢迎。那么,你认为联合国在这项计划中的作用是什么呢?

UN: The commitment of the UN, along with the other Quartet partners, the European Union, Russian Federation and United States, is to help both sides achieve the plan’s vision of two states within three years.

W: 新的路线图跟90年代的奥斯陆计划相比,您认为本质上有什么区别呢?

UN: The Road Map is a more radical and far-reaching document than any previous peace plan in the Middle East.

W: 您认为实施新的路线图会遇到哪方面的困难?

UN: A solution to the conflict in the Middle East has always been confronting obstacles. We need to understand why past efforts have failed. The success of the Road Map is, however, down to the Israelis and Palestinians.

W: 那么联合国对巴以双方有什么新的希望呢?

UN: We expect the parties embark swiftly on implementing the Road Map by taking parallel and reciprocal steps in the security, humanitarian, economic and political fields.

W: 有媒体认为这个路线图还是把最难解决的问题留到了最后阶段,比如说边境问题、巴勒斯坦难民问题等,您能说明一下这个问题吗?

UN: It is our hope that by the time when it comes to solve these fundamental issues, there will be a series of confidence building measures in achieving the targets of the first two stages of the Road Map.