Listening Comprehension

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  1. Has Xiao Wang been to Britain?
  2. According to Xiao Wang where is the better place for spending summer?
  3. What book did Xiao Wang buy yesterday?
  4. What is Xiao Wang's plan for his trip to Europe?
  5. What is Xiao Wang's wife's view of him going away?

Reading and writing

Translate the following dialogues into Chinese. Please email your answers to Hu Bo.


-         Which book is expensive, yours or his?

-         Mine costs ¥5his costs ¥10. (I spent ¥5, he spent ¥10). His is more expensive than mine.


-         Students are busier than teachers or teachers are busier than students?

-         I think that they are both busy.


-         Do you like viewing scenery or seeing historic sites when you go travel?

-         I like both. But my brother thinks viewing scenery is more interesting than seeing historic sites.


-         Which country is your favorite?

-         UK in the summer. How about you?

-         I think that the summer of German is better than that of the UK.

-         No. In German, autumn is better than summer.