Click the following links to listen to the phrases and write down the words in pinyin. You can check the answers by clicking here.

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Listen to the passage and answer the following questions.

  1. When did I see Tom's girlfriend? Answer

  2. What was Tom's girlfriend doing? Answer

  3. Did Tom's girlfriend go to the post office this morning?Answer

  4. When did Tom's girlfriend visit her friend?Answer

  5. What did she do in her teacher's home?Answer

  6. Was the teacher helpful? Answer

Reading and writing

Written assignment

Please translate the following two dialogues into Chinese.


-         Hi, I am looking for Lily, have you seen her?

-         Yes, I saw her yesterday.

-         What are you talking about? Have you seen her today?

-         No. If you had been looking for her yesterday, I could have tell you where she was. 


-         I can’t talk with you. I am on the phone.

-         When are you free?

-         How long do you need?

-         Half an hour.

-         Today won’t work out.

-         How many questions do you have?

-         Three.

-         Call me tomorrow morning. I can tell you if I have free time tomorrow.